Thursday, April 24, 2008

Installing MS Word 2003 on ubuntu using WINE

Although OpenOffice is a fairly decent suite, there are still some compatibility issues between OO and MSOffice. In my experience these have to do with formatting, which just gets messed up if you open a Word document on OO and save it as a .doc. I read somewhere that these problems can probably be overcome if you install some fonts on linux, but I didn't try that.

Instead, I thought I should finally give WINE a try so I could stop dual-booting. I found a very helpful guide on Sorcerer's tech. I am using Feisty Fawn 7.10, and I only installed and tested Word. At the time of writing this, the newest version on the ubuntu repositories was 0.9.46. When I tried it out with this version, I got an error message as soon as Word launched, saying something like this: "Microsoft Word has not been installed for the current user", and then it would just close. After a quick search on the Web, I found out that I had to use an older version of Wine, so I downloaded the 0.9.37 version and everything worked fine.

Note: Accordint to the Sorcerer's tech, this should work on all flavors of linux.

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